Stick to a Weight Loss Plan

Eliminate Cravings

Better Sleep

Increase Energy

Manage Pain (May require a doctor’s referral)

Prepare for and Recover from Surgery

Enhance any physical healing journey.

Stop Smoking

Drink Less Alcohol

Improve Test Performance/Study Skills

Enhance Memory and Recall

Improve Focus/Attention

Enhance Performance (Sports, Music, Acting)

Remove Creative Blocks/Enhance Creativity

Raise Productivity

No more Procrastinating

Career and/or Financial success

Goal Setting/ Creating and Manifesting

Go from Great to Rockstar

Transform Unwanted Habits

End Overthinking

Enhance your spiritual practice (All beliefs welcome)

Bust through Limiting Beliefs

Gain Confidence in any area of life.

Courage to make Big Life Changes

Move from Anxious Feelings to Peaceful Feelings

Manage Stressors more effectively

Moving through Grief

Healing Emotional Pain

Let Go of Anger

Increased Self Esteem and Self Love

Heal Relationships

Explore past or future lives

Fears and Phobias

Live Your Best Life




  • Plan
  • Collaborate
  • Unlock


Let me answer your questions.

Your mind is a powerful tool. It can help you break deeply ingrained habits, overcome emotional or physical obstacles, connect to the deepest parts of your soul, and achieve even your wildest dreams. Through the power of hypnotherapy, you can unlock your mind’s hidden talents and tap into your true potential.